How We Work

Consultative Process

Before we design any website we invite you to a collaboration meeting, either at your office or via Skype. During this meeting we go through various steps to work out how your perfect website will look. This includes discussing;

Competitive pricing

We believe that whilst high quality comes at a cost, it doesn't mean that you should be overcharged. So we only charge you for the time spent coding your website. All other factors such as design discussions, bug-fixing and branding are included in our quotes.

Constant collaboration

You will have access to a portal that will give you the ability to view your site as it develops. We look to keep in touch with you throughout the development stage, this will allow you to make adjustment requests as we go, keeping costs down and the development on track.

Code perfection

Once the website has been completed, we spend hours running it through rigorous tests and speed checks to ensure that it is working as efficiently as possible. After all, there is no point in having a great looking site if customers leave because of slow loading times or broken links.

Quality hosting

We work with one of the best hosting providers in the world. They deliver 99.99% uptime, high connection speeds and 24/7 service.

Own your code

Not only do we believe that you should own your web design, but we believe that you should own every bit of your code too. Although we hope that you will use our managed service, this allows you to have the freedom to pick your own provider or even move your website in house.

Continued support

Once your website is live we continue to support your business. All of our customers receive a welcome pack which explains potential next steps for your online presence. As technology is constantly evolving we also provide a free yearly consultation on whether any improvements to your website are suitable.